What are "Window of the Sky" points? Most of the point names include the character 'Tian', meaning 'Heaven' or 'Sky'. All but two of the ten points are located around the neck and the junction where the head meets the body. The points date back to the ancient Chinese medical text named the 'Ling Shu' or 'Spiritual Pivot' composed in the 1st century BCE. There are many point interpretations including helping with communication and finding one's voice, connecting a person to their spirtual self and life purpose. 

Window of the Sky is a platform that has developed sacred spaces, classes, zines, art and products dedicated to education, creativity,  community + healing.

Caren Motika M.S, L.Ac.

I holds degrees in design and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist both nationally and in the states of California and Maine. In my mind-body practice I pull from a wide assortment of tools such as essential oils, flower essences, minerals, sound healing, biodynamic cranial sacral, acupuncture, archetypes, myth, dreamwork and ritual. I divide my time between Maine and California creating relationships with local artisans and their creations. Complete CV.





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