Window of the Sky are acupunctue points located around the head and neck. The point names include the character 'Tian', meaning 'Heaven' or 'Sky' and date back to the ancient Chinese medical text named the Spiritual Pivot. Some point interpretations include finding one's voice and connecting a person to their calling.

These points are paired with Doorway to the Earth points located on the abdomen and low back. These points can help ground the window of the sky points. Bringing our 'callings' into action.

Doorway to the Earth is a sister project with a focus on Ecology and Humanities. 

Founded in 2015, Window of the Sky is a platform that has developed both healing treatment spaces and public spaces including boutiques, pop-up shops and classrooms. Window of the Sky has published zines, guides, articles, art and products dedicated to education, creativity, community, healing + beyond.

Care Motika M.S, L.Ac.

My given name is Caren but everyone calls me Care. The word 'care' means 'grief' or 'lament' which is an acurate description of my practice. I am greatly interested in supporting people in grief of all forms. I have supported people in end of life care, palliative care and oncology. I have been in the healing arts field for over 20 years, beginning my formal training at the Tao Healing Arts College in 1999. I am a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a Masters degree from Emperors College. I am presently pursuing a Masters degree in Engaged Ecology at Schumacher College in Devon, England. My degree has allowed me to further my research in the field of Classical Chinese philosophy and medicine through the lens of mythecology and narrative. Originally from California, I have had practices in Los Angeles, mid-coast Maine and have offered long distance sessions for people worldwide. My work and writing have been featured in Vogue Magazine, W Magazine, Freunde Von Freunden, Medicinal Roots & more.

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